In 2003 we (Brigitte the French woman and Henk the Dutch man) decided to move to France and found our ‘dream farm’ in Les Avenières in the Dauphiné.

Unfortunately in 2005 a devasting fire destroyed our precious farm and only the earth walls remained intact. With thanks to the craftsmanship of professional builders in our local area we were able to reconstruct our beautiful farm once again. Once the rebuilding was completed we could continue accomplishing our plans and dreams with starting our own ‘gîte’.

As we wanted to bring back as much of it’s orginal state possbile during the reconstruction, we did this by using traditional materials such as ' le pisé’, lime stucco, concrete and wood.

(*)le pisé is a wall, built from rammed earth with a thickness of 50 cm or more ; a centuries-old traditional building method in the Dauphiné.